Liberty Candidates…

This page is dedicated to highlighting candidates in national elections who have shown themselves to be true defenders of  Liberty. My wife and I have had the honor and privilege of personally meeting most of these individuals throughout our travels, and they have our support. It is my belief that their principles and intent match that of the founders, and that their loyalty is not to any political party or special interest,  but to the Constitution of these United States, the states, and to the people, from which all political power is derived.

Do your own research, if you echo our sentiments please offer your time, talent, and resources to their campaigns.

For Liberty,


Adam Kokesh – Congressional Candidate New Mexico –

Jake Towne – Congressional Candidate Pennsylvania –

  • Liberty is…the peace of mind we will all have when we know our family, friends, and ourselves are free.

R.J. Harris – Congressional Candidate Oklahoma –

Rand Paul – Senatorial Candidate Kentucky –

Mike Vasovski – Congressional Candidate South Carolina –

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