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I established “Liberty is…” www.Libertyis.org as a forum, an experiment if you will, in free expression. Not knowing what would happen, I solicited the opinions of friends, family, and strangers. Asking them to express what “Liberty” means to them, in a single thought or sentence. As the posts began to come in, I started seeing what “free” expression means to people.

Not wanting to censor, or constrict the creative thoughts of others, I have created this page as a forum for the lengthier comments received. Please no spamming, and please keep it positive. Thank you…

Liberty is…planting a seed, nurturing an idea, growing a dream.

– Rob

Published on July 11, 2009 at 1:53 pm  Comments (7)  

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  1. What happens when “Fully Learning, Understanding, Upholding, and Protecting” the Constitution requires a complete rewrite?

    Remember what happened and why our Founders changed from the Article of Confederation to this Constitution.

  2. Does not this liberty infringe upon another’s liberty to be able to tell you what they think of what you do?

    Such thoughts are their freedom of expression: To which, you are free to ignore them. If in your freedoms, you allow the expressed thoughts of another to alter your happiness: Is this the fault of the one who expresses their opinions to your, or your own fault?

  3. I think those who contest Democracy from a perspective of lack of understanding, might do well to experience several Republics the USA contests; such as the REPUBLIC of Cuba and the REPUBLIC of China. Do we truly have a better “Republic” than them?

    What makes our “Republic” any better than theirs?

    A REAL Democracy is where the People COLLECTIVELY enact the laws and at the same time set the penalties for breaking those laws to which their communities are subject.

    The REAL Democracy also has elected officials that the People collectively elect who are responsible for first enforcing those laws evenhandedly upon all citizens of all stations of life –including their friends and family. Then, when the Executive officer(s) accuse a citizen, that person is handed over to the other elected officials that the People collectively elect who, with the jury, are responsible determining the guilt or culpability of the defendant, and if guilty, carrying out the punishment the LAW demands for those found guilty.

    In a REAL Democracy where the People COLLECTIVELY create the laws with over 50% of all eligible voters (not merely a majority of votes cast) government moves much slower and in a much less costly manner.

    • Cuba and China are republics in name only. Our republic is better than any others, for one reason, because it is based on the rule of law. Finally, democracy is not the ideal system of government you might want to think it is. Read a bit of history about the occasions where democracy as you have described it has been tried and you will discover it did not go well.

  4. Is it not government’s duty to act according to the laws established by the People collectively?

    Is it not the Duty of the People to collectively control their governments and the laws?

    When two or more people are unable to resolve their differences, is it not the duty of government to mediate the differences in such manner as the law allows?

    Does not such authorized government action necessitate infringement of rights to an allowed degree in order to resolve a situation?


  5. What about the responsibility of the individual to pay for public service such as roads, bridges, law enforcement, and perhaps schools, hospitals, etc.?

    Does this not require the forfeitures of some of those labored for fruits?

    • Only if you want crappy education, overpriced healthcare, falling bridges, and access to the pigs in public…

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